Friday, 17 July 2015

A Very Fantastical Photoshoot

I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front recently as I've had a lot going on work wise and have been travelling up to Dublin quite a bit but I've finally managed to take a day to work from home so I've been catching up on paperwork and doing some much needed blog posts.  I really wanted to share these images from a shoot I styled a little while back with an amazing team of fellow creatives.  Along with designer Samantha Kennedy and photographer Simon Curran we came up with the concept of a character who transformed from being something quite simple to being almost like a woodland queen or warrior.

We started off with styling, hair and make-up being quite pared back and with each image built up the layers of the character.  As always I had great fun shooting with this awesome team and I hope you enjoy our work.

Photoshoot Team:

Photography: Simon Curran

Creative Director: Samantha Kennedy

Styling: Natasha Crowley

Hair: Andrew Cronin

MUA: Andrea Murphy

Models: Eshana Krautz and Damian Edmondson

Assistants: Gary McShane, Tasha Edmondson and Edelle Notte

Clothing and headpieces from: Molly Loves BowieAlice HallidayHazel Comyn Miss Daisy Blue and Potty But Posh

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