Monday, 4 January 2016

New Year Means Wedding Planning!

It seems like I haven't blogged in soooo long and that's probably because I haven't!  Things have been pretty hectic so blogging has taken a bit of a back seat.  As some of you know I got engaged in September while in Portugal for a friends wedding but decided not to really do too much planning till the new year even though of course I had to do at least one Pinterest board but I mean who could resist a bit of pinning!  So here we are in January and I'm raring to go with the organising.

Rob surprised me over dinner in a lovely tapas restaurant which is our favourite food and chose this ring as my surprise ring but knowing how fussy I am he said I could choose my own ring when we got back to Ireland but I have to say if this was the real deal I'd be more than happy with it so I have to give him some credit on knowing what I like. See the boy does listen!  That said I'm beyond excited to get my actual ring which is currently being made.  It was a total surprise and looking back I'm surprised Rob wasn't acting more nervous as we walked to dinner but looking back he was cool as a breeze.  He later told me he had wanted to propose on a gorgeous beach near our hotel but as it was very windy that evening he knew there was no way he was getting me down there and being a complete boozehound he knew I'd want to hit the bars after dinner.

After dinner we went to a cute little bar in Lagos town and the bartender made us a special shot and gave one to every one in the bar for a toast to us. Here's a pretty badly taken photo by the barman as we prepared to drink our engagement shots which my bridesmaids had blown up and put onto canvas in an Andy Warhol, Pop Art style.  The engagement wasn't full of grand romantic gestures but it was very us and that's the main thing. Very relaxed and low key.  I'm sure lots of my friends are expecting me to be a complete Bridezilla but thankfully that hasn't happened yet but it's early days!

So that's where I am so far on the wedding preparations. I'll try not to drive you all completely mad over the next while with endless wedding posts so I'll keep them to a minimum!

Looking forward to keeping you all posted though and sharing my wedding plans with you.


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