Saturday, 8 August 2015

10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

So the lovely Shell from Shell La Belle tagged me to do this post where I answer ten questions set by her which will hopefully give you a better idea of who I am.  I then have to set my own ten questions and tag another ten bloggers.  Simples! Here are my answers and my questions for my other blogger pals....enjoy! xx.

1.How long are you blogging?
I've been blogging kind of on and off for the last two years but have really only started properly doing it in the last year.  However I have to say with work being so hectic I sometimes find it hard to make the time for blogging.
2. What is your favourite shade of Lipstick?
I am all about the red lip! My fav is a red lipstick from Topshop.
3. Shoes or Handbag?
That's like picking a favourite child which I'm told is impossible!
4. What is your favourite film/TV show?
I'm a total TV and film addict.  I love having a good series on the go and some of my favs have been Game of Thrones, The Wire and The Walking Dead.  I also love anything trashy and reality TV so Big Brother, America's Next Top Model, Towie etc are all firm favourites of mine.  I have so many fav films depending on my mood, I also love fashion documentaries. I can't recommend Advanced Style on Netflix highly enough.
5. What is your top beauty tip? 
I don't really have any beauty tips but I do drink a lot of water which seems like a beauty tip.
6. What is our top 3 make up products?
Again I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to make-up.  I do love the Topshop red lipstick, Topshop cream blush in Head Over Heels and Kevyn Aucoin bronzer.
7. Where would you like to live if you won the lotto?
I'd still live in Cork but I'd also have houses in London and a little holiday place in Barcelona, Krakow and somewhere beachy. I think I need to win the Euromillions.
8. What is your dream job?
I have to say I absolutely love the job I have! Styling and personal shopping is my dream but of course I'd love to work with some major fashion house.
9.  What is your favourite dessert?
Not really a major dessert person but my granny makes a dessert involving swiss role, cream and custard which is delish.
10. What camera do you use?
I use the camera in my phone a lot but also have a Nikon D3100 which my boyfriend bought me for my 30th.

Well there you go!
Now I nominate the following bloggers:

Here are your questions:
1. Did you have another blog name you were considering?
2. What's your favourite thing about blogging?
3. Heels or flats?
4.Where do you like to shop?
5. What beauty tip do you swear by?
6. Do you enjoy thrift shopping?
7. If you do outfit posts who do you normally get to take the pics?
8. What's your favourite restaurant?
9. What other blogs do you read?
10. Describe your style in five words.

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