Thursday, 21 May 2015

Prevention is better than cure....

Being in my early thirties I decided it was time I started to think about the dreaded W...yes folks wrinkles.  Now I have to say I don't have a huge amount of them but I had noticed recently that I was beginning to get some fine lines and one or two pretty deep ones under my eyes and along my forehead which I chalked down to not enough sleep and to having a pretty mean looking bitchy resting face.  I also had never really used a day cream with SPF in it and had deluded myself that because I'm not a sunworshipper I was probably not getting any sun damage.  I had heard on the grapevine about a new skincare range from Bootscalled Early Defence that acted more as prevention than cure for wrinkels so being a slave to my Boots card I popped into the lovely folks in Boots in Douglas to have a consultation.

I had my consultation with Vicki who told me all about the new range which is aimed at the 20 - 35 age bracket and I of course felt secretly delighted to be in this young category.

I started by using the day cream which has a five star UVA rating and an SPF of 15 and smelled delightfully of mulberry but wasn't overpowering.  What I also loved that it acts as a primer and reacts to the oil levels in your skin so for someone with oily patches like myself it proved to be non pore clogging.  It's priced at 24.95 which is pretty good for a decent moisturiser.

I also started using the night cream which again was priced at 24.95 and also had a light texture so I didn't go to bed with that horrible oily face feeling that you can get from some night creams.  As my under eyes are my main wrinkly area (damn my wonderfully expressive eyes) I also used the eye cream which is 17.50.  It contains Vitamin A and is meant to be great for preventing those fine lines.

I've been using these three products for the last month and I have to say obviously my lines haven't disappeared, lets be realistic here but I have noticed a definite softening of the lines and I haven't gotten any new ones to add to the collection.  My under eyes are looking less puffy and I feel like the dark shadows under my eyes have lessened.  Mainly I feel like my skin over all looks fresher and on a good day I can definitely fake that I've gotten a good eight hours sleep.
As the # for the product goes #slowmoyourskin and I definitely feel this product can help you do that.  If you're in your 20's or early 30's I would give this a go, it's never too late to slow mo your skin!!

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