Hi I'm Natasha and I've been styling the good folk of Cork and beyond since 2011.  After finishing my fine art degree in 2005 I swanned off to London to live the big 'Schmoke' dream for three years where I worked in the shopping Mecca that is Topshop, Oxford St. as well as in the offices of Happie Loves It.  Sounds risque but she's a Korean designer called Happie.  When I returned, I worked in various areas of retail from visual merchandising to management and eventually I decided to bite the bullet and follow my dream of being a stylist.  
Three years on and as well as working as a freelance stylist, I am also the personal shopper for Opera Lane where I get to meet so many different and interesting people everyday.  One of my main passions is working on photoshoots and I can't wait to share some of my favourite shoots with you including some behind the scenes shots. 
I love tapas and wine, hanging out with friends and general merriment (who doesn't?!) 
I'm obsessed with fashion mags and coffee table books, watching comic book hero flicks with the boyf, various lovely coffee hangouts of which I spend too much time in and real life crime dramas which have been known to make me sleep with the light on!  I've just recently started knitting so you can see my attempts to knit various things on the blog, my first project is rather predictably a scarf. Essentially I love to potter around the place enjoying random events, luckily my highly developed organisational skills ensure I don't wander aimlessly for long. 
 If you love fashion and enjoy the ramblings of a multidimensional fashion fiend then jump aboard the Fashion Stylists train!

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